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About Me

Karen Z Young loves to write poetry and stories based on inspirational life events. She sang her way through her young life singing her folk tales, sharing her love songs and musical sonnets regarding Christian life. In 1999, after completing her CD’s Words on the Wind, Leap of Faith and His Angels she began writing her memoir which is now complete and ready to be shared.

Spiritually led walking her way she became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Disability Specialist in Higher Education. She now enjoys sharing inspirational ideas to help others reach their life goals.

She enjoys her free time with her family bike riding, hiking, and festival hopping and u-picking at local farms.  She loves living by the seashore and experiencing the beauty of nature.  Her favorite flower is a red velvet rose; the color communicates deep emotion which she likes to share in writing, and her favorite metaphor for love and life is found in the song lyric The Rose by Bette Midler.

My newest single, Trail Wise Mule, available on YouTube